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  WU Xiaodong  吴晓东
  Materials for lithium ion battery; lithium ion cell and system

Research Interest:
  1. High energy density lithium storage materials;
  2. Interface between Cathode/anode and electrolyte;
  3. Lithium ion battery and application.



Jun. 2011 - Present 


International Lab of Adaptive Biotechnology (i-LAB), SINANO, CAS 

Nov. 2010 - May 2011

Tech. Director

Novolyte Tech. (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Feb. 2006 - Nov. 2010 

Vice president

Suzhou Phylion Battery Co., Ltd.

Jun. 2004 - Feb. 2006

Tech. Dept. Manager /Project leader



Ph.D. 2004 

Condensed physics

Institute of Physics, CAS

B.S. 2000 

Materials Science and Engineering 



Selected Publication:
  1. Wu Xiaodong, Wang Zhaoxiang, Chen Liquan, Huang Xuejie “Ag deposited MCMB as anode in lithium ion batteries with PC electrolyte”, Sur. Coating Tech., 186 (2004), 412-415.
  2. Wu Xiaodong, Wang zhaoxiang Chen Liquan, Huang Xuejie, “Surface compatibility in a carbon-alloy composite and its influence on the electrochemical performance of Li-ion batteries”, Carbon, 42 (2004), 1965-1972.
  3. Wu Xiaodong, Wang zhaoxiang Chen Liquan, Huang Xuejie, “Carbon/B2O3 composite with higher capacity for lithium storage”, Solid State Ionics, 170 (2004), 117-121.
  4. Wu Xiaodong, Wang zhaoxiang, Chen Liquan, Huang Xuejie, “Increment of lithium storage capacity in oxide-modified hard carbon as anode material for lithium ion batteries”, J. Electrochem. Soc., 151 (2004), A2189-A2192.
  5. Wu Xiaodong, Wang Zhaoxiang, Chen Liquan, Huang Xuejie, “Ag enhanced SEI formation on Si particles for lithium ion batteries”, Electrochem.Commun., 5 (2003), 935-939.
  6. Wu Xiaodong, Li Hong, Chen Liquan, Huang Xuejie, “Agglomeration and surface passivating film of Ag nano-brush electrode in lithium batteries”, Solid State Ionics 149 (2002), 185-192.
  7. Deyu Wang, Xiaodong Wu, Zhaoxiang Wang, Liquan Chen, “Cracking causing cyclic instability of LiFePO4 cathode material”, J. Power Sources, 140 (2005) 125–128.
  8. Deyu Wang, Hong Li, Zhaoxiang Wang, Xiaodong Wu, Yucheng Sun, Xuejie Huang, Liquan Chen “New solid-state synthesis routine and mechanism for LiFePO4 using LiF as lithium precursor”, J. Solid State Chem., 177 (2004), 4582–4587.