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  LIU Hongyue  刘虹越
  Division of Interdisciplinary Research
  Semiconductor memory design; Mixed-signal circuit design; Optimization of storage systems engineering; Technology integration; Semiconductor device physics

Research Interest:

1. Development of core FTL algorithms in solid state storage controller;

2. Development of PCIe based solid state drive with high I/O speed and large capacity;

3. Management of solid state drives in tiered storage system;

4. Mechanism of using solid state storage as cache in High Performance Computing. 


Jan. 2012 - Present


Division of Interdisciplinary Research, SINANO, CAS

Apr. 2010 – Dec. 2011


Division of Nanodevices & Materials, SINANO, CAS

Jan. 2007 - Mar. 2010

Senior Director


Mar. 2003 - Jun. 1999

Senior Device Engineer



Ph.D. 1996 


The Pennsylvania State University

B.S. 1991

Applied Physics

Tsinghua University

Selected Publication:
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