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  ZHOU Ming  周明
  Division of Nanobiomedicine Research
  Luminescent complexes, conducting polymers, electrochemiluminescence, in vitro diagnostics, organic electronics, OLED, OPV;

Research Interest:
  1. Developing novel bioanalytical methodologies based on luminescent metal complexes;
  2. Implementing the novel analytical techniques into instrumentation for point-of-care testing and/or centralized clinic laboratories;
  3. Solving industrial problems through cross-disciplinary approaches.
Ming Zhou received his BSc and MSc in chemistry from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1984 and 1987, respectively. In 1995, he got his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Montpellier II in France. His research experiences and interests include medical diagnostics, organic electronics and other technological sectors in which chemistry can play a critical role. After working with academia, industry and government in Germany, France and Canada for more than 15 years, he joined the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2007 as a professor and, concurrently, founded SunaTech Inc., a chemical joint venture that keeps its eyes on innovative technologies. Beyond research, he has experience in venture capital investment, industrial product development and starting up hi-tech ventures in Canada and in China.
Selected Publication:
  1. Wang, X., Jia J., Huang Z., Zhou M.*, Fei H.*. Luminescent Peptide Labeling based on a Histidine-binding Iridium(III) Complex for Cell Penetration and Intracellular Targeting Studies. Chemistry – A European Journal, (2011, in press).
  2. Lv, Z. C. and Zhou M.* Fabrication of large scale two-dimensional colloidal crystal of polystyrene particles by an interfacial self-ordering process, J. Colloid and Interfacial Sciences, (2011, in press)
  3. Zammit, E.M., Barnett, N. W., Henderson, L. C., Dyson, G. A., Zhou M. and P.S. Francis*, Green chemiluminescence from a bis-cyclometalated iridium(III) complex with an ancillary bathophenanthroline disulfonate ligand, Analyst, (2011, in press)