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  DONG Jianrong  董建荣
  Division of Nano-devices & Materials
  Metal-Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE); Characterization of III-V semiconductor materials; Semiconductor lasers and multijunction solar cells;

Research Interest:
1. MOVPE growth of multiple junction solar cells;

2. Photovoltaic devices design and characterizations;



Jan. 2008 -      Present 


Division of Nano-devices and Materials, SINANO, CAS 

Jul2000 -   Jan.2008 

Research Scientist

Optoelectronics Cluster, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering(IMRE), Singapore

Sept. 1997 - Jul. 2000 

Research Associate

Optoelectronics Cluster, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering(IMRE), Singapore 

Mar. 1996 -   Aug.1997

Research Associate

Institute of Semiconductors, CAS


Ph.D. 1996 

Semiconductor physics and 

semiconductor devices

Institute of Semiconductors, CAS

M.E. 1992

Semiconductor devices and microelectronics

Xidian Univeristy

B.E. 1989

Semiconductor physics and devices

Xidian University

Selected Publication:
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