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  ZHANG Jinping  张锦平
  Platform for Characterization & Test
  Electron Microscopy & Analysis of Nano-Materials; Electron Diffraction, Crystallography and Lorentz Microscopy; High Resolution Electron Microscopy in TEM & STEM

Research Interest:
  1. Identification of Micro-phases and Modulated Structures;
  2. Microscopic studies of defective structures in solids;
  3. Quasi-crystals, magnetic particles and their domain structures by Lorentz microscopy.




Oct. 2008 - Present 

Professor, Director of Microscopy Lab 

Platform for Characterization & Test, SINANO, CAS 

Aug.2003 - Sept. 2008

Scientific Manager of Microscopy Facility in CNSI

Dept. Materials Science & Engineering, 

Univ. of California  at Santa Barbara

Aug.1989 - Jul. 2003 

Research Assistant Professor 

Department of Engineering Materials

Northwestern  University, EvanstonIllinois, USA 

Aug1986 - Jul. 1989

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Department of Engineering Materials

Northwestern  University, EvanstonIllinois, USA

Jun. 1971 - Aug. 1979

Chief Engineer 

Wulumuqi Lighting Factory


Ph.D. 1986

Materials Science 

Chinese Academy of Sciences

M.S. 1982 

Diffraction Physics

Chinese Academy of Sciences

B.S. 1968 


Peking University  

Selected Publication:

1Growth, Structural, and Optical Properties of Self-Assembled (In,Ga)As Quantum Posts on GaAs,  J. He, H. J. Krenner, C. Pryor, J. P. Zhang, Y. Wu, D.G. Allen, C. M. Morris, M. S. Sherwin and P. M. Petroff, Nano Lett., 7, 802-806 (2007) .

2. Polarized Raman scattering from single GaN nanowires,  Tsachi Livneh, Jinping Zhang, Guosheng Cheng, and Martin Moskovits, Phys. Rev. B 74, 035320 (2006).

3. Encoding Morphology in Oxide Nanostructures during Their Growth,  Yigal Lilach, Jin-Ping Zhang, Martin Moskovits, and Andrei Kolmakov, Nano Lett., 5 (10), 2019 -2022 (2005).

4. Controlled production of aligned-nanotube bundles,  M. Terrones; N. Grobert; J. Olivares; J. P. Zhang; H. Terrones; K. Kordatos; W. K. Hsu; J. P. Hare; Nature, 388, 52 – 55 (1997). 

5. Submicron GaMn quasicrystals in ferromagnetic GaAs, J. P. Zhang, A. K. Cheetham, K. Sun, J. S. Wu, K. H. Kuo, J. Shi, and D. D. Awschalom, APL 71,143-145 (1997). 

6. Symmetry in DIET Phase Transitions,  J. P. Zhang and L. D. Marks, Surface Science 222, 13-20 (1989).