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  JIANG Chunping  蒋春萍
  Division of Nano-devices & Materials
  Terahertz(THz) technology; Superconducting magnet system (spectromag, 3He/4He cryostats,etc); Growth of Magnetic Materials using Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Research Interest:
  1. Low dimensional structures for generating and detecting terahertz radiation;
  2. Physical properties of low-dimensional solids under extreme conditions (ultralow temperature, high magnetic field, terahertz radiation, etc );
  3. Transition metal oxides: synthesis, properties and applications.

Jan. 2008- Present 


Division of Nanodevice & Materials, SINANO, CAS 

Nov2004 - Jun. 2007

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Scientist

Max-Planck-Institut für Festk?rperforschung,Germany 

Nov. 2002 - Nov. 2004 

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Institute of Semiconductors, CAS


Ph.D. 2002

Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics

Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics ,CAS

M.S. 1999


Suzhou University 

B.S. 1996 


Suzhou University

Selected Publication:
  1. Bo Qian, Kunji Chen, San Chen, Wei Li, Xiangao Zhang, Jun Xu, Xinfan Huang, Lorenzo Pavesi, Chunping Jiang, On-chip silicon-based active photonic molecules by complete photonic bandgap light confinement, Appl. Phys. Lett., accepted
  2. V. M. Muravev, C. Jiang, I. V. Kukushkin, J. Smet, K. von Klitzing, Spectra of magnetoplasma excitations in back-gate-Hall bar structures, Phys. Rev. B. 75, 193307(2007)
  3. J. H. Smet, B. Gorshunov, C. Jiang, L. Pfeiffer, K. West,V. Umanksy, M. Dressel, R. Meisels, F. Kuchar, and K. von Klitzing, Circular-Polarization-Dependent Study of the Microwave Photoconductivity in a Two-Dimensional Electron System, Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 116804 (2005)
  4. C. P. Jiang, J. H. Zhao, J. J. Deng, F. H.Yang , Z. C. Niu, X. G. Wu and H.Z.Zheng, A convenient way of determining the ferromagnetic transition temperature of metallic (Ga,Mn)As, J. Appl. Phys. 97, 063908 (2005)
  5. C. P. Jiang, F. F.Yang, H.Z.Zheng, Z. J. Qiu, Y. S. Gui, S.L. Guo, J. H. Chu, Magnetointersubband oscillations of conductivity of the two-dimensional electron gas in AlxGa1-xN/GaN heterostructures, Chinese Phys. Lett. 20, 915 (2004)
  6. Huang ZM, Yu R, Jiang CP, Lin T, Zhang ZH, Chu JH, Influence of delta doping position on subband properties in In0.2Ga0.8As/GaAs heterostructures, Phys. Rev. B. 62,205312(2002)
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