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  ZHENG Xinhe  郑新和
  Division of Nano-devices & Materials
  III-group nitrides semiconductor materials and devices (Solar cell, LED); Epitaxial growth (MOCVD, MBE); Semiconductor material characterization (HRXRD, PL)

Research Interest:

1. InGaN-based solar cell and light-emitting diodes
2. III-group nitride growth using molecular beam epitaxy and metalorganic chemical vapor deposition


Mar. 2009 - Present 


Nano-devices and materials division, 


Jan. 2008-Mar.2009 

Research fellow

Department of Materials , 

"National Chunghsing University", Taiwan

Sep.2006 -Dec. 2007 

Postdoctoral Research Fellow 

Department of Physics, 

Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile 

Jan. 2006 - Aug. 2006


Associate Professor

College of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology

China University of Petroleum - Beijing

Mar. 2004 - Dec. 2005

Application scientist & Region Manager

Twinson International Limited, Beijing office

Jul. 2002 -Feb. 2004

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Institute of Physics, CAS


Ph.D. 2002 

Materials Physics and Chemistry

Institute of Semiconductors, CAS

M.S. 1999 

Materials Science and Engineering

Beijing University of Technology 

B.S. 1996 

Metal Materials and Heat Treatment 

Shenyang University of Technology 

Selected Publication:
  1. Dongyan Zhang, Xinhe Zheng, Longjuan Tang, Jianrong Dong, Hui Wang, and Hui Yang, Photovoltaic effects of InGaN/GaN double heterojunctions with p-GaN nanorod arrays, IEEE Electron. Dev. Lett., (2010), 31(12), 1422-1424.
  2. Xinhe Zheng, Longjuan Tang, Dongyan Zhang, Jianrong Dong, and Hui Yang, Effect of contact spreading layer on photovoltaic response of InGaN-based solar cells, Phys. Status Solidi A, (2010), 208(1), 199-201.
  3. Dong-SingWuu, Hsueh-WeiWu, Shih-TingChen, Tsung-Yen Tsai, Xinhe Zheng, Ray-Hua Horng, Defect reduction of laterally regrown GaN on GaN/patterned sapphire substrates, J. Crystal Growth, (2009), 311, 3063-3066.
  4. Shun-Cheng Hsu, Dong-Sing Wuu, Xinhe Zheng, and Ray-Hua Horng, Electron-Beam and Sputter-Deposited Indium–Tin Oxide Omnidirectional Reflectors for High-Power Wafer-Bonded AlGaInP Light-Emitting Diodes, J. Electro. Soc., (2009), 156(4), H281-H284.
  5. Xinhe Zheng, Ray-Hua Horng, Dong-Sing Wuu, Mu-Tao Chu, Wen-Yih Liao, Ming-Hsien Wu, Ray-Ming Lin, and Yuan-Chieh Lu, High-quality InGaN/GaN heterojunctions and their photovoltaic effects, Appl. Phys. Lett. (2008), 93, 2611081-2611083.
  6. R. H. Horng, C. C. Chiang, H. Y. Hsiao, X. Zheng, D. S. Wuu, and H. I. Lin, Improved thermal management of GaN/sapphire light-emitting diodes embedded in reflective heat spreaders, Appl. Phys. Lett. (2008), 93, 1119071-1119073.
  7. Ray-Hua Horng, Xinhe Zheng, Chuang-Yu Hsieh, and Dong-Sing Wuu, Light extraction enhancement of InGaN light-emitting diode by roughening both undoped micropillar-structure GaN and p-GaN as well as employing an omnidirctional reflector, Appl. Phys. Lett. (2008), 93, 0211251-0211253.
  8. Ray-Hua Horng, Shao-Hua Huang, Chuang-Yu Hsieh, Xinhe Zheng and Dong-Sing Wuu, Enhanced luminance efficiency of wafer-bonded InGaN/GaN LEDs with double-side textured surfaces and omnidirectional reflectors, IEEE J. Quantum Electron. (2008), 11, 1116-1121.
  9. Shun-Cheng HSU, Dong-Sing WUU, Xinhe ZHENG, Ray-Hua HORNG, and Juh-Yuh SU, High-Performance AlGaInP/GaAs Light-Emitting Diodes with a Carbon-Doped GaP/Indium–Tin Oxide Contact Layer, Jap. J. Appl. Phys. (2008), 47 (9), 7023-7025.
  10. C. Y. Tang, F. H. Li, R. Wang, J. Zou, X. H. Zheng, and J. W. Liang, Atomic configuration of dislocation core and twin boundaries in 3C-SiC studied by high-resolution electron microscope, Phys. Rev. B (2007), 75, 1841031-1841037.