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  LIU Liwei  刘立伟
  Division of Nano-devices & Materials
  Electron transport measurements of nanodevices; Graphene and devices; Lithium ion battery;

Research Interest:
1. Electron and spin transport in carbon-based electronic devices;

2. Preparation and energy storage applications of graphene;

3. Optoelectronic, sensor devices of graphene.


Nov. 2007 - Present 


Nano Device & Material Division, SINANO, CAS 

Sep. 2006-Sep. 2007 

Postdoctoral Research Associate

NanoScience Technology Center, 

University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, US.


Ph.D. 2005 

Condensed Matter Physics

Institute of Physics,CAS.

M.S. 2001

Condensed Matter Physics

Fudan University 

B.S. 1996 


Qiqihar Normal University

Selected Publication:
  1.  Wen Xu*, Youpin Gong, Liwei Liu*, Hua Qin and Yanli Shi, Can graphene make better HgCdTe infrared detectors? Nanoscale Research Letters 6,250 (2011). 
  2. Xiumei Geng, Liang Niu, Zhenyuan Xing, Rensheng Song, Guangtong Liu, Mengtao Sun, Guosheng Cheng,* Haijian Zhong, Zhenghui Liu, Zhijun Zhang, Lianfeng Sun, Hongxing Xu, Li Lu, and Liwei Liu*, Aqueous-processable noncovalent chemically converted graphene-quantum dots composites for flexible and transparent optoelectronic films, Advanced Materials, 22, 638 (2010).
  3. Liming Zhang , Jingguang Xia , Qinghuan Zhao, Liwei Liu, Zhijun Zhang *, Functional Graphene Oxide as a Nanocarrier for Controlled Loading and Targeted Delivery of Mixed Anticancer Drugs, Small 6, 537 (2010). 
  4. Bin Dong,  Liwei, Liu, Hongxing Xu,  Mengtao Sun*, Experimental and Theoretical Evidence for the Chemical Mechanism on SERRS of Rhodamine 6G Adsorbed on Colloidal Silver Excited at 1064 nm, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 41, 719 (2010). 
  5. P. Stokes, L. W. Liu, J. H. Zou, L. Zhai, Q. Huo and S. I. Khondaker,Photoresponse in large area multi-walled carbon nanotube/ polymer nanocomposite films, Appl. Phys. Lett. 94, 042110 (2009).
  6. J. H. Zhou, L. W. Liu, H. Chen, S. I. Khondaker, R. D. McCullough, Q. Huo, and L. Zhai, Dispersion of Pristine Carbon Nanotubes Using Conjugated Block Copolymers. Advanced Materials, 20, 2055 (2008). 
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