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  WU Dongmin  吴东岷
  Nano optics, plasmonics; Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)

Research Interest:
1. Single molecule imaging, Near Infrared bio-imaging;

2. Silicon MEMS devices for mechanical and bio senor;

3.THz optics.


Jan. 2010 - Present 


International Lab of Adaptive Biotechnology (i-LAB), SINANO, CAS 

Jan. 2008 - Dec. 2009 

Associate Professor 

International Lab of Adaptive Biotechnology (i-LAB), SINANO, CAS 

Jan. 2006 - Dec. 2007 

Postdoctoral Research Fellow 

Mechanical Engineering Department, UC Berkeley 


Ph.D. 2005 

Mechanical Engineering 


M.S. 2000 


Nanjing University 

B.S. 1997 


Nanjing University 

Selected Publication:
  1. Y. F. Sun, J. D. Sun, Y. Zhou, R. B. Tan, C. H. Zeng, W. Xue, H. Qin, B. S. Zhang, and D. M. Wu, Room temperature GaN/AlGaN self-mixing terahertz detector enhanced by resonant antennas. Applied Physics Letters 2011, (Vol.98, Issue 25),
  2. Shao, Z. Z.; Wen, L. Y.; Wu, D. M.; Wang, X. F.; Zhang, X. A.; Chang, S. L., A continuum model of piezoelectric potential generated in a bent ZnO nanorod. Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics 2010, 43 (24).
  3. Sun, T. Y.; Wu, D. M., Guided-mode resonance excitation on multimode planar periodic waveguide. Journal of Applied Physics 2010, 108 (6).
  4. Sun, T. Y.; Wu, D. M.; Shao, J. D.; Fan, Z. X., Dispersion relation of guided-mode resonances in multimode grating waveguide structures. Journal of Modern Optics 2010, 57 (10), 901-907.
  5. Wu, D. M.; Liu, Z. W.; Sun, C.; Zhang, X., Super-resolution imaging by random adsorbed molecule probes. Nano Letters 2008, 8 (4), 1159-1162.
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  7. Wu, D. M.; Fang, N.; Sun, C.; Zhang, X., Stiction problems in releasing of 3D microstructures and its solution. Sensors and Actuators a-Physical 2006, 128 (1), 109-115.
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